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Thread: Having Some Google Problems.

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    Having Some Google Problems.

    The last few days I have been having some google problems. Dont see anything posted on the webmaster boards so I guess theres nothing major going on at google?
    Pages that ive ranked highly in for several years have disappeared off the map, there still listed on google, just nowhere to be found.
    I seem to be getting different results every few hours so I guess im calling up different google centers?
    Ive done nothing wrong, so guess all I can do is wait it out and pray!!!!

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    Well, if you haven't made any recent changes, it's probably temporary.

    You should read this article.

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    Yes, its happened to me once in the past 5 months, and have seen it for other sites, where it disappears for a few days for a specific (or number) of terms.

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    This can be considered as " Google Dance "
    Google update it's index continuously so we may get sometime such fluctuating results.

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    i had the same problems but after a week it went back the normal... earnings didnt though...

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    To the op: are the results back to the norm?

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    yes, everything is back to normal, in fact google has indexed a few hundred more pages on my site now.

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