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Thread: Link Popularity - Google Page Rank

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    Link Popularity - Google Page Rank

    Every major search engine uses link popularity as a part of their ranking algorithms. Google's algorithm -- Page Rank - is a quite complicated mathematical formula that determines a relevancy of web pages.

    Very simply explained, it uses the structure of the links between web pages to assign a score of the page that reflects its importance. In effect, each link from one page to another is counted as a "vote" for the destination page, and each page's score depends on the scores of the pages that link to it. But those pages' scores, in turn, depend on the scores of the pages that link to them, and so on.

    In conclusion, link popularity of a website is determined by: The number of relevant web sites that are linking to your site and The popularity of those web sites.

    The higher the relevancy of the website the better is its listing in the Google results.

    From what has been said, it is quite obvious that for brand new websites it may take about a month before they get listed and ranked well by Google. As mentioned earlier, paid listing can provide an excellent solution to cover this "waiting list" period. Google will set your website live within few hours and the impact on your site traffic is practically immediate.

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