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Thread: looking for some type of website or tool

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    looking for some type of website or tool

    are there any tools where u can put in your address and it spiders it so you can see if there are any pr leaks ?

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    I don't think so. A PR leak will only occur when you have an outgoing link. If you don't want to leak PR, just change your outgoing links to javascript or a form. Simple.

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    You can write a small php script to accomplish this (if you even want to automate it in the first place).

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    By outgoing links you mean links to other sites? If so...

    You'd write something like this? Obviously it could be made a lot more advanced...
    PHP Code:
    $content "all of your content code goes here";
    if (
    $content "<a href='http://'") {
    "There are outgoing links.";

    That would only work if you link to pages on your site like page.html instead of though.

    Anyway is that something along the lines of what you thought bugsy? I'm not completely sure it would work.
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