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Thread: The DNA thread for my dog (get your guesses in)

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    The DNA thread for my dog (get your guesses in)

    So what makes up my beautiful and quirky dog??
    Well we just got the Embark test kit yesterday and we have just swabed our dog today. We're going to send out the sample tonight and will get the results in sometime (I'm not sure exactly when).

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    It increasingly amazes me how many people love dogs and how they are willing to make up all sorts of things about their beloved pets. By the way, I also love dogs very much, and I am much more comfortable with them than I am with people, because for the most part dogs are loyal, kind and compassionate. And it is because of my love for dogs that I decided to try dog training courses, which I found on this website - . I hope that I will be able to take them and finally work as a dog trainer. For me, that would be the perfect scenario for my life. But your topic really amused me!

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    Waiting for the results can be a bit like waiting for a birthday present � the anticipation is half the fun! Once you get the results, it must have been fascinating to see the mix of breeds and traits that make your dog unique.

    In the meantime, if you're interested in learning more about your dog and their well-being, you might want to check out this helpful resource on dealing with separation anxiety in dogs:

    I hope you had some exciting surprises in the past year, and your dog continues to bring joy to your life!
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