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Thread: Favorite Sites

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    Favorite Sites

    What are sites that you visit the most often?

    My List
    1. Slashdot
    2. Websitepublisher
    3. Sitepoint
    4. OSNews
    6. Google News

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    Other than my own sites:

    1) Drudge Report
    2) DN Forum
    3) Name Pros
    4) Site Point
    5) Web Site Publisher
    6) Little Green Footballs Blog

    Not necessarily in any order listed. I just visit those sites at least once a day, often times more.

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    1. Webpub
    2. Sitepoint
    3. BBC

    Only sites I use regularly I think, and of course Adsense, AWS, various other stats pages

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    Slashdot used to be #1 for me, from about 1999 until 2003. Then I relized 90% of the people posting there were people who were unemployed and making nothing.

    Now its spread out between a lot of webmaster and business message boards. I probably spend 70% of the time on *the* adult webmaster board. I also read Drudge Report and Wired just about every day.

    A few other favoraites I read are PaidContent and Andrew Neitlich's Blog at Sitepoint -- which has some excellent info. I also read Search Engine Roundtable daily.

    There are a few other sites, but between those there isn't a whole lot left.
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    1. Gmail
    2. Hotmail
    3. Here
    4. Sitepoint
    5. Various blogs and webmaster resource sites, not to mention times when I'm more interested in looking at the peoples' drawings at and and I also visit a lot of peoples' portfolios, mostly looking at 3D renders and such, but I also find some designers that I like the style of and try to look into them more, and determine exactly what I like in the designs.

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