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    google adsense

    if you put adsense in two different spots on the same page, with two different ad formats, which one will have the highest bids? the one that comes first in the code?

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    Doubtful. It's probably a mix, unless otherwise stated.

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    You would think they would put the highest bids on top, but like Shawn said, they probably mix them in. AdSense is one slick program and hard to figure out sometimes, but they do pay good . I will have to try two ads to some of my pages.

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    alright... i haven't done it yet, but i'm thinking about adding a rectangle to one or two of my busiest pages, just wondering how that would work with the leaderboard already in place.

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    Actually I think it is the first ad getting the highest paying advertisements.
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    I would agree with Chris because if there are a limited number of ads related to your subject, they will appear in the first ad set leaving the second set blank.
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