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Thread: Best Disaster recovery plan?

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    Best Disaster recovery plan?

    Hey guys what is the best disaster recovery plan that we can use, and we should follow?

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    There are so many plan's and tools available that you can use, but you need to use the one which is quite good and will protect you from all kind of problems. Now a days database disaster recovery plan are also important because you can loose data of database also, Disaster can happen anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamblerr View Post
    Hey guys what is the best disaster recovery plan that we can use, and we should follow?
    There are many tools available in internet, you have to use which one is suitable and helpful to you.

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    There are a few things you can do to try and recover lost data from an android device.
    1. Check for any backups that may have been made before the data was lost. This could be on an external hard drive, or in the cloud.
    2. Try using a data recovery program to scan the device for any lost files.
    3. If the data was lost due to a factory reset, there may be a way to recover it from the device's cache partition.
    4. Contact a data recovery service to see if they can help recover the lost data. They generally have specialized tools and techniques( for dealing with this kind of problem. No matter which approach you choose, it's important to act quickly to recover your data, as the longer you wait, the more likely it is that the data will be permanently lost.

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    There really is only one disaster recovery plan and that is a backup restore for a website. Ideally, you don't ever want it to get to this with your website but it happens. Regular backups are your best defense for a website. There are many tools out there most web hosting servers come with these tools included. Set it as a chron job and also always be sure to store your backup of the server, on a 3 party place such as dropbox or google drive. You can also store locally. With a backup you are looking for 3 primary items a database backup, a file backup and an email backup.

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