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Thread: Why WordPress is better to design a website?

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    Once you’re comfortable with WordPress, you can do in a week or a weekend what could take you a month or more to code from scratch. The WordPress software, once installed on a server, provides a ton of tools for building and managing great websites.

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    There are some reason why WordPress is better to design a website-

    * We can create advanced web design layout in WordPress.

    * The reason it is the best because of these plugins,these little add-ons that you can use with WordPress that make it super attractive to the search engines.

    * WordPress is super customizable for seo,social engagement and ultimately Google friendly.

    * They are composed of simpler code than traditional website making it easier for Google to view the website.

    * Google view WordPress website as fresh content.

    * If your website properly created from WordPress Google will rank your website and pages faster and higher.

    * The best part of all the WordPress software is free.

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    Well because worpress does most of the development work for you this is why its called a content management system. You would take a long time to develop a website with a content management system on your own. However Wordpres is not without it flaws its ease of use also allows people who dont know much about web development , marketing and graphic design to pop up a site, so i genrally find them to be of lower quality. It works for everybody but becomes a more powerful tool if you actually know about web development and marketing and so forth. Yes there are plugins and themes to assist you but even with WordPress stringent quality control they are often code bloated and not well designed.Also bear in mind that the theme you are buying has been designed to be used by hundreds of users , jack of all trade master of none. Joomla is a little harder to use but f you know how to its way more powerful than WordPress because it was designed with web devs in mind and not everybody.

    I am not knocking WordPress as i use it myself most of the time and i love it, i just think people get a bit disillusioned at whats actually going on in the bigger picture. ( i am not saying this is the case with op ) but ive seen it with many other sites ive looked into.)

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    Because if it's innovative and disruptive web design features like free plugins, themes, huge number of Supporting members and much more made WordPress world's most popular cms.

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