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Thread: How to set SEO benchmark and measurement for new website?

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    How to set SEO benchmark and measurement for new website?

    Hi Friends,

    One of my client is asking to give a benchmark and measurement before starting SEO projects, that also for a new website. So please help me with what benchmark and measurements I can give them other than Increase in traffic, website ranking, decrease bounce rate, Lead Generation, etc.

    Currently website is having zero traffic and non of the keyword are ranking.

    Note:- Leads, Traffic and Ranking are expected to be achieved in 3 months.
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    You have to ensure them somehow that they will see the difference in rankings and traffic once you initiate the project. Moreover convince them for 6 months as 3 months is a relatively short span for getting every expected results as you know SEO cannot show results instantly.

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    Seo Benchmark Metrics-

    social media engagement
    domain authority
    no. of back link required
    website load speed time
    organic seo visit
    session duration time
    google indexed pages

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