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Thread: merchant account

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    when some one buys stuff from you through an account like 2co or paypal do you see the persons credit card number if so will it be in the paypals or 2co secure directory?
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    paypal: no. it is a secure transaction entirely on paypal's servers and you don't see anything but the payment.

    2co: i don't know but it is very unlikely that you see their credit card number. that would be rather insecure.
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    ok thats good because I was woried about the credit card numbers being in a non secure server.

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    merchant account

    Quote Originally Posted by thebillionaire View Post
    hey I was wondering if there were any free merchant accounts other than paypal?
    We at Blue Wave Merchant Solutions provide a merchant account, but it is not for free. However, our merchant accounts cover high-risk merchant account payment gateways and credit card processing services with credit card chargeback prevention support in a fast application process, high approval ratios, fully integrated payment gateways and more.

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