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Thread: How many website visitor conversions?

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    How many website visitor conversions?

    I am asking about converting website visitors and have some figures to share with webmasters and owners. This is what we are achieving on one of our big sites:

    Less than 10% of visitors go to the home page

    2% of home page visitors register

    50% of fresh registrants open our top performing email promotions

    Of those 50% around 1.45% will buy / subscribe.

    Anyone with comparable figures to share?

    Many thanks


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    So if my calculations are correct, for every 100,000 visitors you receive, you have 1.45 sign ups. Is that enough for you to make a profit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Hobday View Post
    Less than 10% of visitors go to the home page
    But from what I see you have a sign up box on each page so is this step not superfluous? I think you need to tease people into signing up some more - how about a 'why sign up' link under the sign up box?

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