Ecommerce Payment Gateway Primer

Linkpoint Connect

The LinkPoint Connect gateway essentially is a stripped-down version of the LinkPoint API. It is similar to's SIM and Verisign's Payflow Link in how it is integrated.


LinkPoint Connect does not offer any special features such as recurring billing or fraud prevention.


Setup Fee
Establishing a LinkPoint Connect gateway costs anywhere from $75 - $300 with $295 being average.

Monthly Fee
LinkPoint Connect will run anywhere from $15 - $25 with $20 being average.

Transaction Fee
LinkPoint Connect does not charge a transaction fee.


Just like the LinkPoint API there is no transaction fee when using LinkPoint Connect.

The lack of features of LinkPoint Connect, while listed as a weakness below, is also being considered an advantage in this article. Many merchants do not want bells and whistles or any additional functionality other then the ability to accept credit cards online through a secure order form. The simplicity of LinkPoint Connect removes the distractions additional functionality may provide some merchants.


Just like the Linkpoint API, Linkpoint Connect is proprietary to the First Data platform. See the downsides of the Linkpoint API for more information.

Just like Verisign's Payflow Link you cannot make the checkout process transparent from your customers. You must send all of your customers to Linkpoint's website where your secure order form resides. See Payflow Link for information.

Just like the LinkPoint API there are no built-in anti-fraud tools. See the downsides of the Linkpoint API for more information.

Although the functionality of LinkPoint Connect is limited its price tag is not. Most resellers charge the same price for LinkPoint Connect as they do for the LinkPoint API. Although switching to the LinkPoint API can be done at any time at no cost, if you don't plan to take advantage of it you're basically paying for a gateway service you'll never use.

While ideal for very small businesses with no plans to grow or expand, LinkPoint Connect's lack of features limits its appeal. Any business wishing to start with LinkPoint Connect's basic card processing functionality and then grow to include other services will need to switch over to the LinkPoint API first before they can take advantage of those services. If the webmaster has limited programming skills they may find this is not possible to do or can only be done with great difficulty or expense.