Domain Name Primer

What to do when you still can't find a domain that you like?

Sometimes it's very hard to find that perfect domain but even so you shouldn't give up. You see there are lots of domain names for sale. You can usually buy a good domain for a reasonable price. It's very important to be aware of scammers but here are the most popular domain auction sites:

Before registering a domain do a search before you buy a new it as it could be trademarked. You can do a search here:

Which registrar to use?

ICANN opened up the registration process to other registrars in 2000 and the domain name registration system is now open to other companies besides NSI. During that time thousands new registrars showed up and started to offer domain name registration and prices went down considerably.

While the end of Network solutions monopoly was definitely a good thing it also allowed a lot of money hungry companies with bad support and a lot of hidden fees to open up just to get rich quickly. Your domain is probably your most important asset on the Internet and you should not put your self at risk to loose it.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your registrar. Here is a list that of the most important things:

Make sure that you register with a domain registrar who lets you have complete control over your domain without any hidden fees or caveats.

No matter which registrar you use there is no difference in the actual domain that you end up with, where the difference lies is in your ability as a domain owner to make changes to the domain in the future.