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Thread: I need #1 web host in Europe

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    I need #1 web host in Europe

    I need #1 web host in Europe, I would like to get Linux hosting plans.
    What can you say about dedicated hosting services?
    Have you tried web hosting solutions? Any reviews?

    Any fresh discounts or promos offered by them?

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    I have used a couple of others and finally switched to web hosting server.
    All my support requests are handled in under 15 minutes. They even re-installed my content management system for me after they found out the problem I had stemmed from me installing the wrong version.

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    Dedicated servers from and are worth trying.
    Technical support was quick to help and did a great job. Prices are compatitive.

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    Having used many different hosting providers I have found to be excellent.
    My main reason for leaving my last host was due to the speed of the server.

    The price is very reasonable compared to other hosts I've seen.

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