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Thread: - any reviews, commnets please?

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    504 - any reviews, commnets please?

    Any good place to purchase a toy online in Europe for my son?
    Would like to know your views on e-store and their offers. Any feedbacks? Alternatives for comparison?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am sure Strong Crawler 4x4 will be a perfect present for your son, OP. e-store offers so many different toys at a good price. Recommended.

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    Believe me, this present will be the best for your son: AMATI Santa Maria 1: 100 First step kit (KR-25087)
    Historic boats are one of the most popular boat models, so the First step kit series was created, which is intended for beginners. The set includes a finished wooden hull, keel with cutouts and small accessories.

    Impressed with and their pricing. Cool option in Europe for getting presents.

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