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03-09-2012, 03:53 PM
Hi everybody!

I would like to invite you to view my site: LinksWall.net (http://LinksWall.net)
I've created this service to practise website programming, but I've decided to show you this site. Maybe you'd like it and I'll keep this site :).

Screenshot (http://www.wojciechkulik.pl/images/linkswall.jpg)

It's created to be an alternative to bookmarks. If you had links, which aren't so important to click them every day, but you want to keep them and have an opportunity to find them quickly in the future, then you can store links on your own profile on LinksWall.net
Your collection of links will be displayed as a fancy gallery, in which you can easily browse your links. Additionally you don't have to visit this website every time you want to add a link. There is dedicated application which allows you to add links by simple shortcut from your desktop.

Service supports:
* pictures: jpg, png, gif
* films: .flv, youtube, vimeo
* music: soundcloud.com

What's more on LinksWall.net?
* automatically generated thumbnails for forums
* dynamic userbars with your collection statistics
* dedicated application (as I said above)

* homepage - LinksWall.net: visit (http://linkswall.net)
* Sample collection: go to profile (http://linkswall.net/MrSample/)

PS. To add a link you have to log in and after that visit you profile homepage, you'll see button "Add a new link"
PS2. It's beta so there can be some errors, but i've done my best to avoid them.