View Full Version : Homelessrobs Blog review!

12-29-2011, 04:20 PM
I KNOW that I have the worse spelling and grammer that you will ever see. I also know that you are going to become a firm believer in that fact. Before I move my blog around to do better more useful things I'm going to get that fixed. From my understand most of my viewers understand what I'm saying and its been said that the bad spelling (and grammer) is somewat tolerable.

I'm also thinking about changeing some of the titles of a few of my early post. You can see how I shifted about 15 or 20 post in and made better titles. I never changed them because I wasent sure if that would mess me up and make things go bad.

I've been lucky and had good responces so far......
what do you think?


06-06-2013, 07:27 PM
I'm sorry but it sucks BAD, dude! Go kill yourself!