View Full Version : CoolApps: The GIS future is here

10-23-2010, 02:51 AM
CoolApps thus is making inroads into the public domain every day, for the palpability of its GIS apps. Just by touching an on-screen map on a mobile or a PC, you can avail of a host of facilities like reporting accidents, potholes, or other civic issues, or searching the right school in your locality or tracking events in your town, or getting election results of your precinct and other election related info like driving directions to polling places, nearest metro stations or bus stops.
Cybertech offers assessment services for organizations to understand how and why GIS needs to be implemented, identifying its GIS specific needs. Cybertech can boast of a trained pool of GIS software professionals working in tandem with ESRI. Availing of Cybertech’s services saves your organization the bother of recruiting and training people for GIS implementation and maintenance, and also it enables you to launch products that are compatible with the latest versions of ESRI products.

CoolApps has indeed introduced novel means of exploiting the GIS platform through Web 2.0 interfaces. Log on to apps.cybertech.com.