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09-14-2009, 02:46 AM

My new direct mail service site is kirkwooddirect.com. It will manage the entire direct mail process including data management, data acquisition, commercial printing, variable printing, lettershop, fulfillment/kitting, postal optimization/logistics, and crisis mail managementů under one roof!
I'd appreciate any advice from you about this new site, if possible any feedback, evaluation, suggestion is greatly appreciated!

Mr. Pink
09-14-2009, 08:43 AM
I like it very much. Looks very clean and professional.

I haven't had time to look very closely, but I saw a detail I would change. On teh About page you should probably remove all those email addresses and do links to some kind of contact form.

I would also make it so that the tabs stay lit, when the browser opens up the page that the visitor clicked on, through the tab.

Mr. Pink
09-14-2009, 07:30 PM
I just had another look.

Again, I like the site, but you want to know if there are any parts that need improvement...

On your landing page, the H1 tags are a graphic banner, and the text End-to-End Direct Marketing Solutions is H2. I think H1 should always be used for a keyword rich text title.

I would add a meta description meta tag, at least on the landing page. And a meta keyword would definitely not hurt, either, although it doesn't carry much weight.

You don't have a robots.txt file on the server.

Now I have to run...