Record Days on Google Adsense

October 12th, 2010 by Chris

Last month I did a record amount of revenue through Google adsense. This month should surpass that, and yesterday I did a record for a single day.

I did make a purchase of a website this Spring which has added to my daily totals, but even factoring that website out I would have hit the monthly records (if not the daily ones).

Has anyone else noticed better than normal performance?

What I surmise are the redesigns I did this summer on my literature site are paying off well (it took this long because the site’s traffic is tied to the start of the school year). Additionally the economy is recovering, but also I think Google’s redesign of the 728×90 ad unit is making a big difference, and maybe a little Bing powering Yahoo because my rankings on Bing were always better.

What I’m curious about is if others have noticed significant revenue increases thanks to Google’s 728×90 redesign, and if so, I wonder if it is enough to move Google’s quarterly results. They report this week, it could be a good time to buy Google stock. I know in the past, being someone who pays attention to these things, when Adsense has done well for me Google has always reported a blowout quarter, so maybe my sample size is enough to show overall trends. I don’t know, but things are definitely looking up.

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  1. Chris  Says:

    I knew it.

    Google just reported, income up 32%

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