Search Engine Optimization Checklist

This checklist below is a simple set of instructions on how to go about optimizing a website. Justification for the various steps is not included as it can be found in other articles on this site.

  1. Brainstorm - Brainstorm for an hour on potential keywords you might like your site to be found under.
  2. Investigate - Use to Analyze those keywords, take the five most popular keywords and write them down. Then using Google and Google's Toolbar check out the PageRank of the top sites currently listed under those keywords. Observe some of the backwards links and the internal link structure of the various sites to get a feeling for how in-context their incoming links are.
  3. Analyze - Plot a keyword effectiveness index using the information gathered above. Choose what you want your main keyword or phrase to be and decide if you want to focus on any sub-phrases.
  4. Implement - Place your main keyword in each of the following, the more the better:
    • Your Actual Site Name
    • Your Domain
    • Your Title Tags
    • Your Heading Tags
    • Your Body Content (as much as possible without blatant keyword stuffing.)
    • Links leading from your sub-pages back to your homepage.
  5. Submit - Do your search engine submissions. When submitting to directories you'll want your keywords in the title you submit (which is why naming your site using your keywords is a good idea). Also work on building link popularity.
  6. Maintain - Monitor your site's traffic and your rankings. If after 8 weeks you are not where you want to be look at the sites listed above you. If they have a higher PageRank, work on getting more incoming links. If you have a higher PageRank work on getting more keywords in your incoming links or add more keywords to the content of your page. Wait for another update and repeat as needed.