Major Search Engine Robots

The follow list is of major search engine robots. You will find these listed in the web browser section of your site stats program if one of these search engines has visited your site.

Search EngineCrawler NameNotes
GoogleGooglebotThere are 2 versions of Googlebot, one does a deep crawl monthly, the other is constantly crawling new content.
AltaVistaMercator, ScooterAltaVista was recently bought by Overture
AllTheWeb (FAST)FAST-WebCrawlerAllTheWeb was recently bought by Overture
Alexaia_archiverAlexa isn't a search engine, they run an archive of the Internet (among other things)
InktomiSlurpInktomi's web search has been bought by Yahoo
GrubgrubGrub is a distributed search engine crawler that was recently bought by LookSmart, you'll probably start seeing it more often.
Teomateoma_agentTeoma is a search engine owned by Ask Jeeves.