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Thread: what should I do with my blog to make it search engine friendly?

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    what should I do with my blog to make it search engine friendly?


    how can place meta tags for my blog?
    is there blogging sites like blogspot or wordpress that I can place meta tags manually?

    what should I do with my blog to make it search engine friendly and get rank faster?

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    There is an all-in-one SEO pack for wordpress blogs.
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    Some things I do to make wordpress more seo friendly.
    Add Link Attribute - lets you add nofollow to all duplicate, and useless links that are all over wordpress(leave comment, login, duplicate categories on index and single page).
    Add Meta Tags - lets you add your own meta tags.
    Google Sitemaps - creates and updates an xml sitemap.

    Just found another great plugin called Custom Query String. It will allow you to change the number of pages in your categories, archives or wherever else you would like.

    Code changes:
    Change the title tags to only show the page title and wrap it in h1 tag. - Most important.
    Remove "Permanent Link To" in the Url's it creates in index and archive pages.
    Check and change the rest of the heading tags if needed.
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