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Thread: redirect url?

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    redirect url?


    I just finished a site for my sister's job. There was a temp site under the domain not created by me. I can see my site if i type
    Is there a way so the new site can be seen when
    you type in either URL's? Or if not, can i add a link to redirect it to the new site even if I didn't create it?

    btw the new site does contain flash, music and has way too many images but it was requested.

    Thanks, I could use any advice, just a newbie to the whole thing.

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    I don't understand what you're asking. is not the site you made? Right? You want to change it to redirect to the site you did make? Right?

    Where is the site you did make?
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    The flash site is the one I made but when I checked using
    it went to the old site that was only I temporary. This one was not created by me... I don't know who did. I was able to see my site when I type
    I don't really get it...

    Yes, if it is possible for me to be able to redirect to

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    they both look to same to me
    try clearing your cache

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    wish i new how. Sorry, i'm totally new at all this and doing it just for a hobby. Thanks, think im just gonna contact the web host.

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    I think eMEraLdwPn means clear your temp. files in your browser.

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    yeah... you're probably using internet explorer? just click Tools --> Internet Options, then click the button that says "delete files"

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