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It is a challenge, first up, to think-up products and services that have a ready and constant market. Even if your product is the best or the only one of its kind, getting people to accept it and love it enough to try it once, and then repeat the process is quite a tall order. Trying to drain the ocean with a bucket is what comes to mind when I try to quantify the sheer complexity of catering to end users, whether they are shopping for bathroom rugs or online marketing solutions like email appending or business lists.
Let’s try and get the skinny on the most marketable marketing credos from the typical consumer’s point of view.
No. 1 Email Marketing Must-Do: Know your end user inside-out
Imagine you are in a shopping mall where all items are without labels; everything looks the same from outside except when you open the packaging and find out what’s in them. The same is the case with customers. It’s a guessing-game for many in the business to figure out what the customer is thinking.
Some may call this analysis; I prefer to call it a qualified guess, because that’s what it is. At the same time, it is more prudent to let experts help you figure-out (lend you their Qualified Guess!) your target consumer objectively, rather you doing it with bias, preconceived notions or your company’s vision in mind.
You might never quite unravel the customer’s mind, but you can surely arrive at a calculated estimation of what he likes, dislikes, wants, doesn’t want, despises, expects: THINKS, really!
No. 2 Email Marketing Must-Do: Customize your product or service
‘Customize’ yourself first. Once you have a fairly good idea of what goes on in the minds of your target group of customers, you can ‘customize’ yourself, not just the product or service you are selling. What it means is, you need to be perceived by the consumer that you exist ONLY for THEM! That you cater to them singularly and to no other.
This perception can be brought about in them minds of the consumer with carefully crafted media campaigns, public television spots, press releases, and social events sponsored by your company, the list is exhaustive. It seems there’s nothing new to all these, but the entire exercise is orchestrated with one goal in mind – Make the consumer ‘feel’ for you, your company and your product. If you manage this, success will be just a quarter of an inch away.
No. 3 Email Marketing Must-Do: Deliver what you promised
Sure this is an oft-repeated sales and marketing diktat, but there’s no other entrepreneurial Hara-Kiri than making your target consumer feel like a colossal sucker.
To keep the profits climbing ever higher, businesses cater to as many persons as possible and that’s no secret.
But for most smart businesses, one of the sterling marketing practices includes, making the consumer feel special and more importantly, that he is Not a Sucker.
Most of the times, even when the product or service is good, the consumer feels or is made to feel by his peers that it was bad/unsatisfactory/ That You Got Suckered, and so on. This is a big no-no for any business.
What MUST you do?
Deliver on your promise. Come through on your envisaged benefits and advantages for your consumer. Your email marketing campaign must ensure that these must-dos are given due consideration for you to see the maximum results.
Again, it would be alright if you at least fulfill 40% to 45 % of your promise, ensuring to make it known to your consumer, and remind him on a regular basis that YOU exist for him. The end result is that you net clientele with unending loyalty, free word-of-mouth campaigner for your product and increase in profits, ROI and less sleepless nights.
You can always connect with the pros that do this sort of thing (make you more money!) every waking hour.

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