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Thread: C.M.S system

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    C.M.S system

    At what stage is it advisible to switch over to a cms system. I have a website,, and I keep having good ideas on how to expand the site. But I hate going through all the pages and changing the menu options. Even though the site is only around twenty pages at the moment I could move it up to about a hundred pages. What do you suggest about a cms?

    Out of interest, Im assuming this site uses some type of cms or something? How do you integrate blogs, articles and a forum?

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    Most pros will implement a CMS, either custom or a prebuilt solution, from the getgo.

    As for this site, it isn't all integrated.

    The blog runs Wordpress, the forums run Vbulletin, the articles are a custom CMS I built. The homepage listing of blog posts and forum posts is just a simple little import script.
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    I'd agree that the best time to implement a CMS is up front when a site is first built.
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    i agree. All my sites use CMS systems. Its the same CMS system I built, just tweaked for each application so they dont look the same. I would never go back to a static site. A good cms saves TONS of time

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