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Thread: keywords in url/domain name

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    keywords in url/domain name

    I was wondering what the consensus is about the value of a link like this:

    Will the link help you rank for 'blue widgets', and is it different in impact from
    blue widgets

    And what if someone links you like this:


    Chris, your idea is that option 1 definitely passes keyword-targetted value right? so I guess #3 as well. Have you ever researched it?

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    Of course # 3 can also but the top keyword for that will be the cool word.. I'm I right?

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    Yes, for some words search engines can parse runons, but others they cannot, so it depends on the exact words of your phrase.
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    Keyword in the URL is good thing, because when google crawl the site then he find exact keyword match with URL. It is really help full to you.

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