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Thread: Link Research

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    Link Research

    Does anyone know of a program that plugs into the yahoo backlink search?

    I'm trying to see if there is something that can display the links in a more manageable order?

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    what kind of data are you looking for?
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    Preferably all (or most) of the backlinks of a specific site..

    I can often find myself crawling through hundreds of pages in yahoo, due sitewide link, which is polluting my link research (is there a syntax i can use to remove a site in siteexplorer?)

    Certain industries need to apply a more hands on approach to link building, due to the nature of the content.

    I'm not sure if a program like this exists, or if i'm dreaming, but something that could pull the backlinks, order them by PR .. maybe even group sitewides. Save the report for later reference...
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    That is a... sweet idea. Would be easy to make to... Mmm... I will consider adding the functionality to A1 Keyword Research (I have a huge backlog of feature requests though)
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    Actually you can't view all your links... Use different backlink checker...

    Try rankalert... It is a good tool to view your backlinks....

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    thanks for the info about rank alert. In one of my sites, it returns even more backlinks than Yahoo's site explorer. But on the other, it returns less. But I was wondering whether the page rank they display are actually effective. It's all 0's, though I know some of them are not.

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