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Thread: Buying Adsense traffic for adsense pages?

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    Question Buying Adsense traffic for adsense pages?

    Am i allowed to buy traffic from adsense for content pages that display adsense ads?
    Also, are there other good places to buy traffic cheap that wont cause any problems for my adsense account?

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    If you are thinking about using one of those "Get 10000 visitors for $5" offers - then don't as you will make nothing off the traffic and Google will give you a warning for pushing paid traffic... been there done that.

    You can do arbitrage, which is buying traffic from lower tier PPC networks such as Searchfeed and Looksmart - but again, Google doesn't really like it and you are always running the risk of another warning, or possible account closure.

    Just a few months ago they closed lots of accounts down of people doing arbitrage.

    IMO, your time will be better spent looking for other methods of creating traffic and steering clear of paid traffic.
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    As agua says, its called "adsense arbitrage" if you search for those terms you'll find all sorts of info about it.
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    Thanks for the advice, ill give it all a big miss then.

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