I know it would break gambling laws if I were to run a raffle site where I end up making a profit but what if I were to run a site where no profit is made from the raffle. Say I have tickets for five dollars each and when 100 people buy the tickets I run the raffle and the pot it $500 or something like that. That is technically no profit for me from the gambling. I still have the feeling that this would be against the law but I was just curious. I also have an idea to maybe run a raffle for items relivant to a certain site. I know they used to do this at www.tccoa.com and they would raffle off prize packages with car parts in them. I haven't seen them do it in a while but I also know that the prize packages were worth a little less than what they took in from the raffle tickets. What would be the legal restrictions of doing something like that?