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Thread: logo design process

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    logo design process

    I thought I'd share this process I went through in getting a great logo done. The process isn't over yet, but we're almost done.

    I have always been a big fan of graphics contests for logo design work. It is affordable, and you get tons of choices. I have always held one contest for a good amount of money compared to the rest of entries (trying to encourage more submissions), then at the end I'd pick one and be happy. Well for the latest site I'm working on, I lost interest in the logo after having it a few months. However, the colors used and chosen by the original logo designer are perfect and I'm still so happy with those choices (for example.. whenever I pretend to know how to design websites, I often resort to orange/blue type designs.. classic sign of an amateur in my opinion).

    So now the design template is completed based on the color scheme done by the original logo designer. Keep in mind the logo designers in the original contest had no real direction.. I didn't know what I wanted. Now, I will hold a new contest where all the designers will have the color scheme known AS WELL AS a completed a design template.

    Anyway, this all happened unintentionally.. but I think in the future I may do this more often. Have 2 logo contests... the first one gives the template designer something to work off (color scheme VERY important), then the second contest to give the logo designers something to work off and perfect.

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    Color is usually the one thing I have picked out before I start a contest. I'm usually very particular with my colorations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Color is usually the one thing I have picked out before I start a contest. I'm usually very particular with my colorations.
    +1... I totally agree.


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    How do I create a strong logo design?

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