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Thread: Google Page rank: 6 :)

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    Lol! first i was really amazed with the comment.
    Anyways I do get mine 2000+ visitors and doing fine with it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anujk View Post
    hey for me here your page rank is 1 and seems you have a nice Alexa ranking of 842.... thats a good hit... I personally give more importance to alexa ranking then page ranking coz I feel alexa ranking gives us a better idea about the traffic coming in... page rank is something m trying hard to understand but i really don't understand what google looks for while position our website on the PR graph... so don't worry and chill... with this kind of alexa ranking m sure u must be getting a good traffic to your site...

    Good Luck !!!
    For me alexa ranking is not important you know you can twick alexa ranking so if you are ranking high that does not mean your site has heavy traffic but you can have estimated traffic.
    [ I think 842 is the ranking of the ie of which is redirected to for the site like this that much traffic is obvious ]

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    How did you check your PR? Can you name the source website!
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