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Thread: user uploading help

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    user uploading help

    I'm trying to create a document bank. I need users to be able to upload documents to the site and then they will be able to download other documents. I can't figure out how to set up the uploading. I've seen some downloadable programs that could work but I'm don't want to spend $$.

    I know users could just email attatchments to me but I was hoping to be able to have them upload directly to the site, like youtube.

    Thanks a lot

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    Also note you are limited to the file size set in the config.

    So if you are on a shared host you may not be able to upload the size files you want.

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    Here's a handy link for you.

    You shouldn't have to edit that, though, considering you're only uploading text documents.

    Check out the article Chris posted, it does a good job explaining the PHP behind file uploading. If you're not PHP savvy, post back and I'll look around for a free premade script.

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