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Thread: Need a contact form for my web site

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    Need a contact form for my web site


    I need a contact form on my website, that will send to my email address what the visitor enter in the form fields. The problem is that I can't run any php scripts.. is there a way to use some html form?

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    Can you run CGI (Perl)? You can use that to code the form. Most hosts allow that.

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    Why can you not run any php scripts?

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    Most hosts should allow PHP I would think, unless you are on some free host or something.

    If you can't use PHP, the options would be to use a remotely hosted service for it where the form is posted to their service, or to simply have visitors email you instead.
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    Thank you for your suggestions! My problem is my server don`t run any scripts. Anyway I found a site that offers remotely hosted contact forms, . Basically, I paste the html code in my website, and it calls the php script on their server who sends the email.

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    You may also try zoho (, it is free and is quite easy to use. You can use it for different type of database applications as well..

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