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Thread: PDF creation

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    PDF creation

    Hello, i designed 5 pages in photoshop they are all seperate files so i have 5 files of psd.
    Its supposed to be one media kit that is 5 pages, so how can i go about making this one big pdf document with 5 pages in it? I alreayd exported them so i have 5 pdf files i just want to combine them to make it one

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    I use the cutepdf writer for making pdf's.
    It's free, and does pretty much everything I need without having to shell out the money for Adobe Acrobat.

    It just installs a printer on your system called "Cutepdf". If you print to that printer from any program it saves the printed output to a pdf file instead of sending to a printer. Works great for creating pdf docs out of word files, photoshop images, etc.

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