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Thread: New Google Penalty

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    New Google Penalty

    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalGhost
    By now you've heard about the +-30 penalty, and you may have even heard of the Google 950 penalty being discussed here, and here, but let me tell you about the most common penalty Google uses.

    It doesn't have a catchy name, and people generally refuse to talk about it because this particular penalty requires taking responsibility. It's much easier to blame the +-30 penalty, the Sandbox or the new 950 penalty than it is to accept that you've been nailed with the most common penalty of all. What is it you ask?

    It's the My Site Sucks *** And Google Just Figured It Out penalty.
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    Ya, there is also the -943 penalty....

    PEople see there site drop and assume its got some sort of penalty going with it, I want to kick them in the head.

    In any population you'll find people who think they rank x numbers below where they should, it doesn't mean a penalty is at foot.
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    My favorite penalty is when people complain that their domain might have a lot of dashes in it, but its unfair for them to rank lower and be labeled as spam.

    Best part is, there is no prejudice from Google on what your domain looks like, there's prejudice from other sites not wanting to link to http://www.coffe-maker-and-cappucino...cappucino.html.

    Then they think because they did 500 link exchanges with other sites, they should at least be ranking somewhere (especially when the sites engaged with link exchanges probably have a mini-directory script as their /links page, archiving everything from web design companies to mesothelioma lawyers).

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    Thumbs up

    That is the most hysterical and most accurate theory I have seen yet.
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