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Thread: wordpress sidebar customization

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    wordpress sidebar customization


    I wonder if anyone can give me any advice here. I make my own designs for my websites (html) then I use php or cgi scripts to handle the content, etc.

    Usually what I do with the php is a virtual include to the relevant php file along with an htaccess file.

    So I decided to try my own designs on word press. When I use this method, the content processes fine (index.php file) on my template. The footer and header are fine - well actually I use my own header BUT the problem is the sidebar.

    The sidebar never works properly. I have tried using both default themes as well as some others but the sidebar either doesn;t fit properly in the column or something always messes up.

    Does anyone have any tips about this? What do others do when they customize word press?

    Do most people write their own php or have someone to do it? If I paid someone to do that, would it be easy for them to make a standard file for the sidebar.

    thx alot if anyone can provide some information

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    Can you post a link to the page in question?

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    As Ben said... a link would be great. When you modify a template, sidebar.php is usually something you have to modify. Are you including it in your new template?

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    sorry I didn;t get back sooner guys - we had an ice storm and internet has been out - just getting back

    didn;t want anyone to think I didn't appreciate the help

    - will get the link up shortly

    AND yes, I was including the sidebar in my new template - I used a virtual include to the original sidebar.php file

    thx again
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