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Thread: Adsense Channels

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    Adsense Channels

    How do you utilize channels? Do you have one for each site? Do you group like sites together (like MFAs, proxies, etc..)? Do you have sites in multiple channels?
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    I just use one per site at the moment - but my traffic doesn't warrant anything more.

    I do have one channel set up for a PPC campaign though.

    I haven't had chance to look at the latest developments yet.
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    Like this:
    - photoshop site - top left sidebar
    - photoshop site - inline content
    - photoshop site - footer

    It makes for a lot of channels when you have multiple sites, but you can see where your clicks are coming from on the page.

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    I use the url chanells to cover sites individually and then specific chanels for individual ad groups that I may be testing (particularly for new sites or where I make more major changes)

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    I belive channels are excelent tool to find out what ads perform better.
    For example: you made few ads in different colors and assingn each color to one channel. Then use some ad rotating script and after some time you will find out what ad color or design works best in certain place.

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