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Thread: Could I get some thoughts on advertising for my site?

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    Could I get some thoughts on advertising for my site?

    Hey guys,
    I have got an Arabic Courses educational site that belongs to my school in Syria,
    I did my best to make this site as informative as possible,
    but the only difficulty is to choose the best way to announce for this site, actually I don't want to waste money and time in bad campaingns,
    So I wonder if you can help me through your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance.
    Arabic Courses for Non - Natives

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    I would really encourage you to have an HTML link to your site past the flash menu. You should also read about SEO since its 100% traffic.

    Since you are located in Syria I can't recommend the same advertising sources I use. You have a very targeted group of people who you want to reach out to. Find out what media sources these people use, be it websites, radio, newspapers, magazines. You want to get your name in front of this audience.
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