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Thread: How do you style your site links?

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    How do you style your site links?

    Do you like to leave them underlined, not underlined, not underlined but with an underlined hover affect, etc, etc.

    I personally like the no underline, with an underline hover effect, but didn't know if this was a way to confuse more non techy users? I'm sure alot of people relate links to being underlined, so if I don't underline them from the start, maybe they don't click on some areas of the site that would be of interest to them, and/or make me money?

    What do you all think?

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    I think so long as they are a different color from the other text people will know it is a link.

    However I've taken to using underlines again, after not doing so for years, because Adsense ads use underlines.
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    I generally have no underline by default and set it to appear on hover.

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    Depends on the site. If it's a content site, I generally leave links underlined. I do think they stand otu as links a little better that way, and it integrates better with whatever text ad I happen to have on there.

    If it's a portfolio or show piece, something where the visual impact of the site is more important than the ad CTR, then I might not underline.

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    As everyone has said - it just depends on the design - but so long as they stand out - you should be OK.
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    Thanks everyone

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