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Thread: okay, so I signed up for need a Gmail expert

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    okay, so I signed up for need a Gmail expert

    I have email for each of my websites being forwarded into my gmail inbox (because each website has a different email address associated with it) and I've just used labels to keep them separated.

    I like the fact that you can reply to an email from a different email address than your GMail one, this way when someone emails one of my websites, it will look like I'm replying from my website email and not my Gmail, there is only one thing about that though. When I reply to an email using one of my websites email addresses, everything works fine when I send the email to like a Yahoo account, but if I send it to my home account (which I use Thunderbird client to check) it shows that the "from" field is my website email address (like it should) but below that it has a "sender" field that says my gmail account (I don't want this. I want it to look like it came from my website email and has no association with Gmail).

    If I send a test email to my work email address (which we use Outlook), it just said in the "From" field that "this email was sent from on behalf of my

    Is their any way to turn this off? I've looked and can't find anything. When I'm sending email to someone from gmail as if it were another account I don't want my gmail email address to be shown at all, because I don't want people to get a hold of it and start sending stuff to it, or maybe think I'm less credible of a business person because I'm using free mail (doubtfully, but I'm sure they're out there)

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    If you want the sender field to display your website's email address you'll have to use Hosted GMail ( You'll also have to modify the MX records on your domain so all mail goes to Google instead of going to your server and being forwarded.

    I have this setup for one of my email addresses; the other just does the GMail thing. It depends on how important the sender field being non-Gmail is to you.
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