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Thread: Does anyone recommend Dreameweaver 8?

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    Does anyone recommend Dreameweaver 8?

    I've used the MX 2004 version in my computer class and it seems pretty nifty, anyone else recommend this?

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    I simply use it for writing HTML and CSS as it corrects me when I write and i tend to forget the names of things etc.

    Are there other html and CSS editing apps that do similar thing, considering DW has a lot of features that piss me off such as site management.

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    8 is fantastic. I highly reccomend it. Big leap over MX.

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    i use dreamweaver to do all my website design and templates..i highly recommend it.

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    I do not use DW, but if you are currently using MX 2004 and like it, than the logical step is to go with the newer version, as from what I understand there have been vast improvements in the latest release.

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    Dreameweaver 8 is a great program, simple and advanced in the same packadge

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    It is OK, but I dont see it as a big a big leap over MX. Maybe becose for advanced fetures I use a Visual Studio

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