Time Management is a key ingredient to be a successful home based worker.Home based worker performs two fold functions.
A.Duty towards his family and friends.
B.Execution of company's work on time.
So,to complete above two tasks a home based worker can not be successful until and unless time management is properly applied.
The following are the some basic principles by which you can attain your desired goal.
1.Planning is a key factor to time management.But,Planning schedule is such that it is achievable otherwise frustration and anger will accrue.
2.Divide total working hours into blocks and assign the work in the alloted blocks and if there is any disparity between time available in block and volume of work find out immediately its remedy.
3.Be disciplined to complete the works on time.It means do not overestimate the magnitude of work.Always try to complete the works in a alloted time and this will enhance your prestige and responsibility towards company,family and friends.
4.Every big projects has its own schedule.The big project is divided in many parts.Now plan for execution of every part.If there is delay for completion of any part inform the company's boss and fix a new time table for delivering the completed works.Complete the work as per renewed agreement with the company.If it is required to employ some persons to complete the work adapting new time schedule do not hesitate to do this otherwise it may difficult for you to bag the next contract from the same company.In any case,do not compromise with the quality of jobs.
5.Divide the works of top priority and moderate one.Top priority works should be completed first because it brings more challenge,more money and more opportunity.Those works shold be completed by you or direct control by making proper vigilance and employing efficient worker.
6.Special care and planning should be imposed at the time of agreement with company.Always keep parity with the volume of works and required work force available to complete the jobs.

Utilising the above procedures, you can easily achieve the target to the responsibility both towards your family,friends and company's work order.It will help you avoid stress which is required for maintaining good health.

With best regards,

Julio Saltos