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Thread: Media Habit - page rank 7

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    Media Habit - page rank 7

    How did they get a page rank of 7? They only have 4 links into them?

    They designed my website, so maybe I will ask them
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    Strange...I've seen a few sites like that though. Chris' google site got a PR of 6, and didn't have many (or any last time I looked).
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    I've gotten a PR 7 before with only 1 incoming link.

    It is possible.

    Also remember that Google only lists links from PR 4 pages or better so if you have alot of links from dinky sites that could also explain it.
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    Yeah, they're a web design company. They probably require a "This webpage was designed by MediaHabit" link, so they probably have a ton of links.

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    Not only that, PR is logarithmic, so you can get a PR7 from a single PR7 link (if it's a high PR7 with not a ton of other links).

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