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Thread: Yahoo! Mail or GMail?

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    Yahoo! Mail or GMail?

    Just curious to see what everyone likes better?

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    Gmail, especially the free Gmail for your domain feature. I have all of my email accounts fowarding into gmail and use it's pop access, I then reply to emails using my ISP's SMTP server. That way all my mail is stashed away in my huge gmail storage space and I don't look like a cheap person who uses free email.

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    I love Gmail and find myself using it more often than my personal email address I've had for years (

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    Gmail also, though the new Yahoo mail is kinda cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Gulag
    Gmail also, though the new Yahoo mail is kinda cool.
    Yeah, me too. I've always used yahoo mail and something about the new version looks better to me than Gmail. Plus my homepage has always been yahoo, so my mail would be right there when I open the browser

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