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Thread: Google Cache

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    Google Cache

    I check my google cache all the time for my sites. I was pleased when last week the cache was current with my site (as I had updated it). Strange, to night i checked the cache and the site was 3 or 4 ver. old.

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    Bizarre. Give it a day or so and maybe Google will have settled on your new pages because it has been fluctuating results of late.

    On the topic of the cache, I was thinking of putting the current time and date commented out on my pages so I can check the exact time the cache was created.

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    Google has multiple caches for each page.

    To check the most current one use the toolbar. If you click on the "cache" link in search results it'll take you to whatever version of the site was used to generate those results.
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    This has happened to me also before on numerous occasions -- just wait a week or two and everything will be fine!

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