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Thread: Whats the best place to buy traffic?

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    Whats the best place to buy traffic?

    I have come across many sites which sell traffic....Has anybody experienced good results with it? Is it worth investing in buying traffic?
    I Would appreciate if members would talk about their experience with buying traffic.
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    Thank You. Karo
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    I believe Jon is doing some research into this as we speak. Check out his blog post from a few days ago:

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    If you want PPC you can get it at places like searchfeed for as little as 1 cent per click.
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    Chris have you found good success with it on searchfeed?

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    I don't think buying traffic is worth investing as most of the time the traffic you get on your site is untargeted and it doesn't help your cause.
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    Quote Originally Posted by etech-martin
    I don't think buying traffic is worth investing as most of the time the traffic you get on your site is untargeted and it doesn't help your cause.
    That all depends on where you purchase your traffic. If you get it from one of those 2 million visitors for $19.95 companies then of course it's going to be lousy, but if you get your traffic from google or yahoo it is going to be highly targeted high quality traffic.

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