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    Direct Mail

    Hi all,

    I want to send a targetted direct mail shot out.

    I have the copy all thought out and am confident in that area.

    So. the main questions I have are:

    1. Where to I get a targetted mailing list from? are there companyes that can supply them for a fee?

    2. Whats the best way to orchestrate the whole thing? Could a cmopany do it for me, or... would I have to print, get stamps, envelopes and take down to the post office
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    In the UK there are a number of companies that can supply a list.

    You pay per name/address usually with the right to use that list a certain number of times (once only is the usual case)

    They can either sell you the information or will package and post your mail for you.

    Here is a UK Company , possibly no good for your purposes, but might be useful background info....

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