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    script help

    Hi there

    The last 2 lines in this script i need to be able to loacat an image

    function addMenuItem(label, action, image, mouseover) {
    this.items[this.items.length] = label;
    this.actions[this.actions.length] = action;
    this.image[this.src] = image;
    this.mouseover[this.onmouseover] = mouseover;

    this.image i need to be able to loacate an image that will load automaticly and this.mouseover i need the image to change on mouseover.

    this is the last thing i need on my nav bar and have been working for ages on it and just cant seam to figure it out.

    any help will be great


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    if you are trying to dynamically replace an image, here is how to do it....

    <script language="JavaScript">
    window.document.images[555].src = "";

    you need to replace 555 with the number the image in question appears in the html code.

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