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Thread: PDF For Promotion, Good or Bad?

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    PDF For Promotion, Good or Bad?

    Im looking at supplying some of my feature articles and interviews as "pdf downloads". Free of course, but with my website link in them. Is the sentiment here its a good promo idea or a waste of time? It takes me 0 time to make the pdfs since I am creating them with code.

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    If you encourage people to pass them around and host them on their own sites I would say yes. Here is a very good post from Shoemoney you should read; it deals with software but the same concepts can be applied to pdfs:
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    Since it takes you no effort I would definitely do it. But do make sure that you really embed all your website's elements in your PDF. Include logo, and links on every page of the PDF, and have a frontpage with author + website details.

    This is actually a pretty good idea, and I'm going start doing it on my own websites as well.
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    It is definately in my opinion a good idea to provide your PDF information. Customers/Potential customers enjoy receiving mostly anything for free. Since it will educate them on your product or service, it is a win-win situation for both you and them.
    So in my opinion as you can probably tell....go for it! It will be worth it!

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